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The ABC 413 S represents an epitome of elegance and simplicity in invitation design. With its sleek and minimalist aesthetic, this invitation card speaks volumes with its understated charm. The crisp white backdrop serves as a canvas for the event details, allowing them to shine prominently. The ABC 413 S is ideal for various occasions, from weddings to formal gatherings, where sophistication and clarity are paramount.

Crafted with attention to detail, the ABC 413 S invitation card is not only visually appealing but also exudes a sense of refinement and sophistication. Its streamlined design ensures that the focus remains on the essential information, making it easy for recipients to grasp the event's details at a glance.

Whether it's a modern wedding or a corporate event, the ABC 413 S invitation card sets the tone for a memorable and stylish affair, reflecting the host's discerning taste and attention to detail.


Card Size: 320mm ( 120mm x 145mm x 55mm) width x 150mm (height)

Insert Size: 135mm x 135mm 

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